The Big Picture

We work with older adults with or without neurological impairments, active older adults, and kids with disabilities; we are able to adapt our program to meet the needs of whoever we will be working with.

Our music program goes beyond just performing music for participants by creating a collaborative and interactive music experience.

We bring a team of 2-3 background checked, professional musicians (music enrichment specialists) who are passionate about working with children, older adults & individuals with special needs

We lead an hour-long interactive music session that consists of performances and interactive activities based around music theory concepts such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics (how loud or soft), conducting and singing. These musical concepts are designed to engage the participants socially and cognitively.

Benefits of Mind & Melody Programming

Individuals & Groups

Decreased Negative Behaviors in Dementia

Social, Cognitive, Physical & Creative

Individualized Content

Improved quality of life

Building intergenerational relationships

Instruments & Materials Included

Background Checked Musicians

Video/Picture Updates

Behavioral Analysis Report

Why Music?

Music is the universal language, it speaks to all of us regardless of age, race or mental ability. Mind&Melody was born out of passion to bring one of humanity’s greatest gifts: music, to our older adults in our healthcare system while engaging young people in the process.

What You Can Do.

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